Equity Advisory

Get the right bearing to reach your equity fund-raising goals.

Think big. Go big.

Regardless how ambitious is your business goal, we help navigate the complex equity capital markets for capital raising.

Features & Benefits

Extensive Networks

With extensive networks established across the industry, we provide you with a continuum of seamless advisory services.

Award-winning Equity Advisory Division

Leveraging on a network of services including solid research capabilities and relationships with institutional investors, we provide end-to-end support to help you make sound strategic decisions.

Impressive Track Record

We have unparalleled track record of delivering successful results and hold strong relationships with a broad range of market participants

What to expect

With our expertise in origination, structuring and distribution, we provide a comprehensive range of options for capital raising including:

Initial Public Offerings

Raise capital by issuing shares of stock, or equity, in a public market

Follow-on Issuances

Offer additional equity or preference shares after raising funds through an initial public offer

Covertible Issuance

Allow the issuer to delay dilution to its equity holders

Private Placements

Sale of stock shares through a private offering, mostly a small number of chosen investors

Right Issues

Invite exiting shareholders to buy additional shares at a discounted rate