Investment Banking
We deliver creative ideas and solutions for our client-segment focused suite of investment banking services

The Corporate Finance department provides a full range of advisory services including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), corporate and debt restructuring, initial public offerings (IPOs), equity fund raising and independent advisory opinions.

Working seamlessly with Debt and Capital Markets, Equity Capital Markets and Structured Lending, the department is able to provide advisory services based on the specific circumstances and strategic objectives relevant to clients.

We will navigate you to achieve your financial goals.
Mergers & Acquisition
Fasten your seatbelt. Together, we are going places.
What edge does one have working with Affin Hwang Investment Bank’s Mergers & Acquisitions team?
Whether a given deal is intended to expand scale, acquire new capabilities, pursue promising adjacencies or facilitate a transformation; we'll help you build a team that can maximise opportunities—and avoid the pitfalls.
Get on the fastest route to reach and discover exciting financial destinations
Why is Affin Hwang Investment Bank a destination for companies wanting to go public?
Going public is an exciting prospect for every company and getting expert advice ensures that the potential rewards are fully realised.

When companies come to us, we help them understand the new ongoing responsibilities and expectations, as well as the process of how and when to list and at what price.

Our IPO Advisory Services team is able to provide advice and assistance on all aspects of the IPO from planning, project management right through to completion.
Equity Advisory
Get the right bearing to reach your financial goals
How does Equity Advisory help the discerning investor?
Investors generally want to focus on the performance of their investments and making the right decisions. However, in the world of private equity, there are complex regulatory and administrative essentials that can’t be avoided. In fact, they need constant vigilance. That’s where we come in.

We cover every aspect of private equity administration – from investor onboarding to the set-up and running of the investors’ fund.

Whether you are restructuring or exiting, we take away back-office headaches and use the very best tools to make your business better and your life easier.
Debt Markets
Sail on smoother seas to minimise risks and maximise profits
Why did Affin Hwang Investment Bank go into the Debt Markets arena?
The main reason is due to our teams’ extensive experience in securitisation and structured finance products as well as strong working relationships with key participants in the industry.

We regularly contribute to industry forums relating to regulatory, commercial and legal issues affecting the market.

Plus, the diversity of offerings at Affin Hwang Investment Bank helps ensure we have the best teams available for us to assure all debt market transactions are executed smoothly and on time.
Treasury and Markets
Fly higher with better rates and financial products
What are the more popular products that you have?
Our Treasury Investments product suite includes access to Malaysian Government Securities (MGS), Government Investment Issues (GIIs), Malaysian Treasury Bills, Bank Negara Bills, Bank Negara Monetary Notes, Private Debt Securities, Forex, Interest Rate Derivatives, Cross-Currency Swaps, Fixed Deposits (FD) and Negotiable Instrument of Deposit (NID).